Where is your product made? 

All of our products are assembled in USA, New York to be precise! Our products are made with great attention to details. Our manufactures are well-established in the business for over 20 years providing excellent services and producing high-quality products. 


Where is your fabric made? 

All of our fabrics are made and imported from JAPAN. Our Founder & CEO was born in Japan and now a US Citizen, we take a great deal of pride in supporting both countries. 


What size range do you offer? 

Currently we offer Small, Medium and Large, but we are working on bringing more range to our customers.


Do you only offer BLACK? 

Yes! We truly are loyal to Black. We believe black looks great on anybody at any ages, shapes and styles. We stand 100% behind on what we believe in. 


How can I find out more information about a product?

You can learn all about our products on their individual product pages. If you have any other questions or thoughts, shoot us an email at hello@voidofcolor.com. We are here to answer all of your questions. 


Can I sell the products on my own site?

Unfortunately, your purchase of VOID/əv/COLOR products is only for your personal use. By purchasing VOID/əv/COLOR products, you are agreeing not to resell or distribute such products for any commercial purpose. We may reject or cancel an order if we have reason to believe that your order is not for your personal use.