What is a BLACKCARD?

BLACKCARD is a Virtual Gift Card that you can give, receive from someone or from us! 


How can I redeem a BLACKCARD?

Lucky you! When someone gifted you a BLACKCARD, you will receive an email with a unique 16-digit code. If you have mistakenly deleted from your inbox, please contact us at TEAMvoc@voidofcolor.com. We will send you an email with the code! 


How can I pay with a BLACKCARD?

BLACKCARD works like a store credit on VOIDOFCOLOR.COM. You can simply enter the code at the checkout. If you do not have enough balance in your card to complete the purchase, you can pay the remaining balance with your credit card. 


How can I check my balance?

You can enter the code at the checkout to see how much you have in your card, or simply shoot us an email at TEAMvoc@voidofcolor.com. Please provide us with a unique 16-digit code, so our team will easily pull the information and provide you with an accurate remaining balance. 


My code isn't working! 

Sorry about that! If you are having trouble using your BLACKCARD, please email us immediately at TEAMvoc@voidofcolor.com. We will issue a new BLACKCARD right away! 


Can a BLACKCARD be used in conjunction with a discount code?

Absolutely! Our BLACKARD is a form of payment. You can use it just like your credit card. 


Can I use a discount code to purchase a BLACKCARD?

Unfortunately, you are not able to use any discount codes to purchase a BLACKCARD


How long does personalization process take?

Our Creative team can only start personalizing your BLACKCARD when we receive both an order and a request from you. Process takes 1 to 2 business days (and orders & requests placed after 1pm ET are processed the next business day.)


Will I receive a confirmation email when you send a BLACKCARD to a recipient? 

Of course! We will send you an email to confirm you that your gift is sent to your lucky recipient. 


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