Ari Nakamura
Ari Nakamura was born and raised in Japan, back then her wardrobe consisted of a mashup of color and patterns, as is the case when figuring out one's own particular style - but then 16 years ago she moved to NYC and the transition did not just change the way she looked at her professional life… it allowed her to find her style. She became fascinated with and fixated on wearing black. She was mesmerized at how subtle yet strong black wear could be. It was not only its understated simplicity but more significantly the power that it gave her.
Although most people in her life would not describe her as such, she is sort of an introvert who would always rather get all of the attention for her achievements than her clothing choices; that is why she believes Yohji Yamamoto’s words resonate so perfectly with her own beliefs: "Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy - but mysterious. But above all, black says ‘I don’t bother you - so don’t bother me’".
Black has timeless appeal and that is why it is the underpinning of her style - a canvas ready to take shape that has allowed her to wear one piece in so many different ways: she could wear the same dress for work in the morning, change her shoes and accessories before night out in the city and make people feel like she has worn a completely different outfit. Magic? No. That’s the kind of functionality and versatility that black wear bestows.
She does not believe black wear is dull – or makes you look so for that matter - quite the opposite; black wear is bold, edgy and it tells a lot without being loud. You do not grow to love black wear - it grows on you inevitably. In the most attractive and self-assuring way.
That is why she created VOID/əv/COLOR. To give others the power to always feel powerful, sartorially put-together, elegant and in charge of their own style. She wants people to experience a new way of dressing, one that is "trendless", timeless and adaptable to every season and occasion.
For her, Black is the ultimate purity and truth, void of noise, busyness and distraction. That is how she came up with the name VOID/əv/COLOR. To her, Void isn’t about something missing, it’s about allowing space for something meaningful.
She wanted to dig deeper and clearly know the reasons why she only wears black and it was well worth the introspection. There is a sense of trustworthiness and attractiveness in the color black. The days that we reserved black for Halloween are gone. In fact, gone are the days that we needed excuses to wear black. Her style choices are here to tell her stories – and VOID/əv/COLOR is here to offer you pieces that will help you tell yours through the passing of time and trends.